Introspection isn't a luxury.
It's a necessity.

You’ve seen it all. Astrology memes made exclusively to entertain, not educate. The rising trend of astrological pop references and the "it's all Saturn's fault" jokes. Vague, cookbook-themed descriptions on the houses, planets, and Zodiac signs—which you have to refer back to over and over again because whenever you risk a peek at your own chart? 

You're just not getting it.

I'm Kyana—founder of the Oracle Chamber YouTube channel, where I make serious astrology horoscopes and tutorials that neither put you in a box nor bore you to tears. I created the Astrologer's Apprentice self-masterclass series—and specifically THIS Self-Masterclass 101 on learning to read your birth chart—to give away my entire intuitive process in understanding symbology and translating the messages of the internal world. 

Sort of like a spiritual survival guide for inner-landscape dwellers and misunderstood contemplators living in the 21st century.

Because truth be told: you CAN decode your birth chart and your dharma and whatever else you need to figure out... all on your own—completely solo. Without a professional astrologer breathing down your neck, and without a guru telling you to avoid all electronic appliances today just because. 

It's about time we learned to value the inner voice and the organic process of looking within, instead of feeding the addiction of constantly being told from without.

It's about time for you to voice your own story.

Become your own astrologer.

The Curriculum

What We'll Be Covering In This Masterclass:

01 / Preparing Your Chart
In this module, I’m going to show you my step-by-step process for setting up a birth chart the right way, including the most accurate house systems I use and recommend, and why an official birth time is the #1 most important element to uncovering your true personality.

02 / The Basic Elements—An Overview
In module 2, we’ll start going over the most important elements of the chart—the astrological vocabulary you will need to learn in order to progress in this course, and the language we will be using to decode the inner meanings of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects.

03 / The Zodiac Signs
In module 3, we will cover the 12 Western Zodiac signs and how they fit together into a cohesive narrative. Instead of simply looking at each sign individually, we'll uncover how each Zodiac sign relates to the other in linear progression, and use this technique to map out the cycle of the year—and how this bigger cycle mirrors the smaller human cycle of personality development. TLDR: You are, in fact, all the signs combined—and I'll show you why.

04 / The Lights (Sun & Moon)

In module 4, we’re singling out the Sun and the Moon (which are not actual planets, but a star and a satellite). Also, we’ll cover the Moon’s nodes and how they relate to the ecliptic belt of the Earth around the Sun, the mystery behind eclipses, the soli-lunar phases, and your specific lunar type.

05 / The Planets
In module 5, we cover all of the different planets and their meanings in our solar system: your personal life with Venus and Mars, the social hierarchy with Jupiter and Saturn, cosmic visitations with Uranus and Neptune, and finally the mysterious nature of intermediary planets like Mercury and Pluto. Also: I give the overview on Chiron and the asteroids.

06 / The Houses
One of the most important modules of this course, module 6 covers the wheel of 12 houses—which map out the entire story of your past, present, and future—your physical environment, upbringing, and potential experiences living as an individual soul on planet Earth. This is more about your character than perhaps any other astrological element. And NEWSFLASH: There is a HUGE difference between Zodiac signs and the houses.

07 / The Aspects + Patterns We Make
In module 7, learn how all of these elements come in relationship to each other to make up the complex, multi-faceted human being that you are. And finally understand your purpose by unveiling your context in history—why you were born at a specific time and place, and what specific problem you were born to solve.

08 / The Nine Chart Types
In module 9, we’ll uncover how to look at your chart in one glance and uncover a whole set of information and insight, just from looking at its shape. The pros and cons of each chart type, as well as their potentials and challenges.

09 / Putting It All Together
Finally, in this last module, I will walk you step-by-step through my chart reading process, combining all of the previous lessons into an intuitive, astrological character analysis + diagnosis. Apply this method any time you need to re-center yourself—in daily living, love, and work. Use on self or loved ones.


I will be consistently updating this course until you get the maximum level of value to apply to your astrological self-studies—without overwhelming humble beginners who just want a quick process for decoding the basic instructions of their chart. Refer back to these lessons as many times as you wish. Lifetime access is guaranteed.

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My name is Kyana—founder of Oracle Chamber, astrologer, and YouTuber.

I make free astrology videos for the Internet. I am an Aquarius sun and moon, with a Libra rising. My specialties are in-depth tutorials and horoscopes that don't put you to sleep.

I've accrued a tiny cult of followers on YouTube who've fallen in love with my intuitive chart reading process, and my mission is to bring these principles of finer introspection and ancient symbology to the world in a way that's never been seen before.

Through years of publishing content and working 1-on-1 with clients, I've distilled my astrological process into nine steps—and I'm giving all my secrets away in this Astrologer's Apprentice self-masterclass series.

What People Are Saying On Social Media:

“You have so much Insight I can't even share your videos with certain people because I don't think they would even understand. But thank you beautiful soul, for using your gifts to bring understanding to the chaos of this world”

Anonymous User, YouTube Comment

“Lovely Kyana...thank you so much for the deep and heartfelt interpretation of mine and Jesse's composite charts and synastry. Your explanation of our relationship potential is an outline of pretty much everything I would want in a relationship. I think it would be the culmination of a lifetime work. Thank you for including the aspects so that I could grow my own knowledge of astrology!”

Patricia Meier, Facebook Review

“Kyana is profound and gifted, I highly recommend a consult with her.”

Nina Canal, Facebook Review

“Really exceptional! I have been doing astrology for 20 years... really appreciate you, thank you!”

Gisele Frederich, YouTube Comment

“She is really good, she got to be an old woman with a million dollar face makeover. This young woman knows her stuff. Awesome :-)”

David Stretch, YouTube Comment

“Her level of discernment and clarity is profoundly transformative. She so honest and unpretentious.”

Marlo Ettien, YouTube Comment

“I really like your approach, your essence, your Astrological intelligence and wisdom! I like that you are pondering what you are going to say before you say it! There is a really nice depth that you have. This is an really helpful reading - reflective, thought, soul and spirit provoking! Thank you!”

Elisabeth Wexler, YouTube Comment

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Entire masterclass will be released on October 23, 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course available now?

    Not yet. You CAN pre-enroll now to secure the sweet $29 deal for early-bird students, but the course content will be officially rolled out on October 23, 2019. ALSO: I will be constantly updating and adding new content as the course matures; so by purchasing now, you will still have guaranteed lifetime access for all changes and bonus materials.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    Once you register, you will have access to the course content for forever. It only comes out once—October 23. But from then on, it’s entirely self-paced! You can take a month-long hiatus to get through the training videos, or crank it out in one day. The only limits are the ones you set.

  • What if I’m a complete beginner in astrology? Will this still work for me?

    Absolutely! It helps to be familiar with the basics of astrology, but I’ve designed this course to be simple and detailed enough for both complete beginners as well as more experienced, professional astrologers.

  • Does this course cover different types of astrology? (E.g., Tropical, Vedic, Chinese...)

    This course is exclusively related to Western/Tropical Astrology.

  • How much will the course cost by the time it's fully launched?

    It will start off at $49, but from there it depends! My intention is to bring as much value to you as possible, and so unpredictable factors like course retention and audience appeal come into play. These types of business-y things are mulled over long and hard before final decisions are made. But there will definitely be price bumps as DIY astrology becomes more of a thing.

  • I read charts for a living. Would it be okay to use your process with my own clients?

    This particular course is designed for those examining their own birth charts. You are free to take the information and apply it in your own astrology practice, but bear in mind that there is a specific mindset and protocol for 3rd-party client readings that is not covered here. I will be exploring this area much more in the future!

  • What’s your refund policy, just in case?

    All digital products we sell have a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Just write in to within fourteen days of your purchase if you have any issues, and one of us will take care of it as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, please refrain from making any cursed voodoo dolls to torture the instructor for your digital learning woes :-).